The 2nd Largest Divisional Finals In The World.

The WCBRA was founded to provide honest, fair, affordable, world class barrel races and to promote and further a popular sport while providing opportunities to barrel racers of all ages and skill levels.

The WCBRA is currently represented in 50 different cities between California, Arizona, and Nevada with the help of 50 individual producers hosting 395 WCBRA prime sanctioned events. This year we are on pace to shatter more WCBRA records as the number of producers, memberships and prime sanctioned races continue to significantly grow.

We remain extremely humbled by what took place in King City, CA over Labor Day weekend in 2017. We successfully ran over 1,900+ runs, filled roughly 580 stalls, wrote 682 checks, and paid out just over $300,000 in three days. In 2016, one one year prior, the WCBRA Finals was the 3rd “Top Divisional Show” and the 2nd “Top Divisional Finals” in the World. Also, in 2016 the WCBRA Finals was overall the 9th “Top Barrel Racing Event” in the World (i.e. This includes all major rodeos and jackpots in the Barrel Racing Industry.) The 2017 have yet to be released, but the excitement is building. The number of entries, added money, and total payout is what has placed our Association amongst the ranks of many historical and prestigious events.