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To create an association designed for both the producers and the barrel racers. To provide honest, fair, affordable, professionally run barrel races. To promote and further a popular sport while providing opportunities to barrel racers of all ages and skill levels.
West Coast Barrel Racing Association will produce and sanction open 4D & 5D races. 1D being the fastest time of the race. 2D is .5 seconds added to the fastest time. 3D is the fast time plus 1.0 second and the 4D is fastest time plus 2.0 full seconds. A 5D format shall be set up at all .5 second increments. Some arenas have different scales but must be approved by the office.
The executive office will determine eligibility and has the right to refuse membership. General membership fees of $65.00 include the enrollment of 1 horse, a member ID for the paid year, and eligibility to run at West Coast Barrel Racing Association (WCBRA) approved races and the finals (“The Richest Race In The West”). Enrolling additional horses will cost $45 per horse. There is no limit to the number of horses a member can enroll. Discounts have been extended to those who have had a paid membership consecutively since the first year (2010). These discounts are a courtesy and management reserves the right to remove them at any time. Memberships are active as of the date postmarked (when mailed in) or the date of the race in which the producer collects them with full payment.
The Youth class will be strictly a side pot during the finals. Youth riders must be a qualified member similar to any other member and entered in the open. There will be no year end awards for Youth.
A second youth division, classified as “Juniors” will be run as its own race at the finals for those NOT entered in the open. The requirement for entering as a Junior is to purchase a membership, no qualifiers needed.
See the Finals tab for more information on entering these classes.

Barrel racers at WCBRA prime sanctioned races will pay a $5.00 fee at each WCBRA race they attend per horse (both members and non members). Entering a minimum of 10 races is mandatory to compete at the Finals Race to be held Labor Day weekend. The $5.00 finals fees paid at each race ensure WCBRA points toward the year-end standings.The $5.00 finals fee is YOURS. YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO GET IT BACK! Each finals fee will go directly into the added money for the finals race. WCBRA will guarantee a 3-day race with a minimum of $5,000 added money each day. The fees you pay as a barrel racer throughout the year now, guarantee a way to run at a fantastic finals barrel race! WCBRA will also tracking money won (converts to points) and attendance for members throughout year. There will year-end awards at end of year based on money won and attendance

To receive a time at WCBRA race YOU MUST MAKE A COMPETITVE RUN! This means, if you miss your run or turn out, you will not receive an attendance or points.

Knocked over barrels will result in no time, unless otherwise specified by producer. Checks will not awarded for knocked over barrels.

You may only enter horse once in Open class. Two people may not share horse in same Open class. This includes carryovers the Open. Only under WCBRA official approved circumstances will allowed.

WCBRA Producers cannot take more than 30% of entry fee, and this is considered after STATED fees. It is suggested that only additional fee accessed the barrel racer is $5.00 finals fee. Other fees (timer’s, points, etc.) are ultimately up to individual producer, but in effort to eliminate the mass amounts of additional fees, please keep the add-ons to a minimum.

WCBRA paid places and payout is determined by total number of riders, fees and added money. Last hole in the 4D/5D is required to pay a minimum of the entry fee paid to enter (less the $5 WCBRA finals fee).

Each WCBRA race attended (with paid $5.00 finals fee) counts as 50 points. Money won converts to additional straight points ($50.00 = 50 points). Points will be audited by a third party bi-monthly. Please note that year-end awards points will not be counted until a membership has been completed, received and approved.

Members who have a single horse on their membership are eligible for 1 year end award (1 horse equals 1 award, 2 horses equals 2 awards). Members will only receive credit for the number of horses membered in each race. Example; on a single membership, even if you run MULTIPLE horses, you will get credit for ONE horse in the race. You cannot run two horses on a single membership and count them both.

Points will be regularly updated on the website. Riders must email any point discrepancies or question to Points will be audited by a third party and are subject to change. Management reserves the right to make point adjustments as they see fit and fair.

Year-end points as presented at The Richest Race In The West will be final.

All members and those associated with WCBRA are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and could result in minimum fines of $100.00 or suspension of membership. Abuse will absolutely NOT be tolerated.
NSF checks will result in up to a $50 fine and the member being put on an ineligible list. No points will be awarded until the check has cleared and the bank fees paid.
The WCBRA Finals will contain a detailed set of rules, released closer to the end of the year similar to years past. Each entry into the finals will be notified of these rules and have to acknowledge the receipt of such. Remember, these rules are in place for the safety and professionalism of our sport.
The WCBRA reserves the right to refuse membership and/or service. The WCBRA also reserves the right to change, edit, delete or make exceptions to the rules based on the decision of management to best serve its members well-being.

WCBRA Producers/Arena Contact Information

Diamond Bar Arena 6055 Central Ave, Ceres CA, 95307 209-538-7680
Salinas Valley Fairgrounds 625 Division Street, King City, CA 831-385-3243
Spurr Ranch 17171 Hwy 46 East, Shandon CA 93461
Bailey Nahrgang
Clements Buckaroos 19813 E. Hwy 88. Clements CA 95227
Rayanne Currin
Jones Ranch 2095 Adobe Rd. Morro Bay, CA
Sherrie Jones
Triple Crown Equestrian Center 3033 Gladding Rd, Lincoln, CA 95648
Spring Krogue
707-372-1555 www.
Diamond B Barrel Racing Tina Bird 661-342-8503
DW Performance Horses 11863 Road 200, Porterville, CA, 93257
Devan Warren
Two Cent Arena 3185 Lakeshore Dr., Washoe Valley, NV 89704
Brieanna Kelly
(775) 737-3033
Triple C Ranch 5818 S Fairfax Rd, Bakersfield, CA
Kim Hatch
Casner’s Arena 34520 De Portola Rd. Temecula, CA 92592
Virgina McClintock
Cockie Scane
 Riverside Rancheros  1198 Washington St., Riverside, CA 92504  909-721-8883