05/15/2019 Hump Day Awards Series Race

Producer Name: DBBRA/TINA BIRD
Phone: 6613428503
Event Street Address: 23751 SIDDING RD.
Entry Fee: $45.00
Added Money: (Per Day/Event): $100, progressive
Event Start Time(s): 8:00 PM
Event Sign Up Time(s): 5:30 PM
Other Producer Fee(s): $5 ARENA FEE PER RIDER
Pre-Entry Due Date(s):
Exhibition Run Schedule: 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Additional Information / Event Location: This is an award series. $20 to enter for awards. You must attend 3 of the 4 Wednesday night races and we will use your 3 fastest times for your average. Your awards fee must be paid by the May 8th race. May 29th will not be pointed. That is the night we will hand out the awards for the series.
Multiple Dates: 5-22-19, 5-29-19


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