Just Breathe & Run Charity Barrel Race 07/26/2020

Phone: 7073721555
Event Street Address: ROLLING HILLS CASINO EQUESTRIAN CENTER, 2655 Everett Freeman Way
City, State: CORNING, CA
Entry Fee: TBD
Added Money: (Per Day/Event): $1000 PER DAY OPEN
Event Start Time(s): TBD
Event Sign Up Time(s): TBD
Other Producer Fee(s):
Pre-Entry Due Date(s): Online entries at ClassicBarrelRacing.com or SaddleBook.com
Exhibition Run Schedule: TBD
Additional Information / Event Location: Friday, July 24th: 11am-1pm Exhibition Runs, 2pm $100 Added Warm Up Race (Limited to 150 entries), 7pm Just Breathe & Run Banquet Dinner. Saturday, July 25th: 7-8am Exhibition Runs, 9am Just Breathe Run Barrel Race, Open, Youth, Novice, PeeWee, Stick Horse Race (30 min following last rider), 7pm Movie & Popco
Night. Sunday, July 26th: 7am Cowboy Church, 8am Just Breathe Run Barrel Race, Open, Youth, Novice, PeeWee, Awards Presentation 30 min following last rider of event. Office Hours: Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 7am-Noon and every big drag, Sunday 7am-Noon and every big drag.
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