Finals Info

2021 WCBRA FINALS | September 23-26, 2021
International AgriCenter,
4500 S. Laspina St., Tulare, CA 93274

September 19th, 2021

Check out the Points tab and click on Races Attended to list to make sure you are qualified. You must have 1 membership and 10 races for each entry into the finals. Email us for any qualification questions: [email protected]

Entry fee for Open Finals: $260
Entry fee for Futurity Finals: $100
Sidepots: $35
One-time per person office charge: $15
Credit Card 4% processing fee will apply
Payment plan available! Pay half now and half 3 weeks later!

The draw will be posted by end of day, Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 at

Added $$ & Entry Fee Pot Payout: Round 1 & 2 40% each | Round 3 20%
Round 3 : Any contestant who has 2 clean runs makes it back for Round 3.
Average awards only, no payout, based on 3 Runs.
Check this graphic out that explains the payout!

Entries will all be online at
Entries open for Producers/Partners: August 2nd, 2021 @ 8:00 am PST
Entries open for all Contestants: August 5th, 2021 @ 8:00 am PST
Entries Close: September 17th, 2021.
Late entries accepted until September 21st with $100 late fee/horse.

All entries through August 26th will have the option to choose the payment plan. This option will require only half of the balance due to be paid at time of entry and the other half will be automatically paid using that same card info 3 weeks later.

Limited Covered Stall – $100
Uncovered Paneled Stall – $80
Haul in Fee per horse – $20
*Stall not required for day trippers just need to pay a one time haul in fee per horse.

Dry Camping or Rig Staying on Site: $50 one-time for full stay
*No fee for day parkers (meaning full vehicle leaves by end of day).
*Day parking MUST park in designated day-parking area.

All sold online at only.
Limit 2-time onlies per horse/rider combination while supplies last. 60 second time limit per time only.
If time permits in each time block than additional time onlies will be sold for $5 cash at the gate.

SIDEPOTS – CARRYOVERS ONLY | All 70% Payback | Rounds 1 & 2 ONLY
Youth: 5D | $100 Added | Age 18 and under as of 01/01/2021 | $35/round 
Senior: 5D | $100 Added | Age 50 as of 01/01/2021 | $35/round 
Prime: 5D | $100 Added | Ages 18-49 as of 01/01/2021 | $35/round 
Derby: 2D | 1 sec split | $100 Added | $35/round 
Troxel Helmet: 5D | $250 Added/Round | $35/round

The Futurity Finals are open only to membered and qualified WCBRA Futurity horses. The Futurity Finals will be strictly two gos, with a payout in each go and average awards. Futurity horses must have been nominated and then have competed in 4 total WCBRA approved Futurity classes to be eligible for the Futurity Finals. A rider must be qualified for the WCBRA Open (10 runs or more) themselves in order to enter a Futurity Final horse. The horse can enter in the Open and carry to the Futurity, run in just the Futurity, or run in both, but must determine this at time of entry. A rider may enter their choice of open sections and carry their time to the futurity finals, only if the horse is eligible for both classes. Futurity nominations are conducted through a separate membership found here by clicking here. See the Points tab of our website to see what horses have 4 qualified runs.

A Junior (not to be confused with a Youth) CANNOT be entered in the open race. No qualifications are required but Juniors must have a current 2020-2021 WCBRA membership purchased by September 17th.
The age qualification is 10 and under as of January 1st, 2021.
Fees are $35 a day with a minimum of $100 added and a 4D payout. Juniors will run two rounds only. Payouts will be done on each round, and awards will be given based on average.
Juniors will enter online with open members. No on-site junior entries will be taken. All Junior entries must abide by the same entry deadlines.

All vet outs/turnouts prior to entries closing on midnight September 17th will be immediately released of all entry fee responsibility with the exception of applicable office and credit card fees. Once regular entries close on the 17th, if reasonable cause for vet/med out and vet or doctor note is provided by Wednesday the 22nd, the contestant will receive a 70% refund of entry fee excluding stall, office and credit card fees. If no vet or doctor note can be provided, the contestant will receive no refund.

Pets ok – but must remain on a leash at all times.
No bonfires. BBQs ok.
Ten Segway Ninebots being given away!
Double J Saddle Certificates to all Average Division winners in the Open.

Tuesday, September 21st
9AM – 8PM | Vendor Set-up. No contestants on-site.

Wednesday, September 22nd
6AM | Gates Open
8AM – 7PM | Time Only’s (pre-sold on

Thursday, September 23rd
7:30am to 8:15am | Open Arena *New*
9AM | See Order:
Section A (Go 1)
Juniors (Go 1)
Section B (Go 1)
Banquet/Year End/Producer Awards

Friday, September 24th
7:30am to 8:15am | Open Arena *New*
9AM | See Order:
Section C (Go 1)
Futurity (Go 1)
Juniors (Go 2)
Section A (Go 2)
All Go 1 & Junior Awards & Men’s Race

Saturday, September 25th
7:30am to 8:15am | Open Arena *New*
9AM | See Order:
Section B (Go 2)
Section C (Go 2)
Futurity (Go 2)
All of Go 2 & Futurity Awards & Coke Race

Sunday, September 26th
8AM | Go 3 Qualified Contestants
To Follow Go 3 | Open & Youth Average Awards

Mandatory long-sleeved, buttoned-up, collared shirt, tucked in. Western pants, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat or helmet. Hats lost in the arena will result in a $10 hat fine. Any dress code violations will result in a $50 fine. Please dress professionally, as photos will be taken and displayed in various publications.

The main arena will be set up with a holding pen and alleyway. A Race Official will control and police the holding pens. Instead of disqualifications, we will be implementing a fine system as follows; Riders are expected to load the holding pens during the drag (5 riders that are up and their helper if needed). The holding pen gate will be closed when the barrels are set and the tractors are parked. Riders and helpers NOT in the holding pens when the gates are shut will be fined an additional entry fee ($100 fine) but allowed to run if they choose to run, so long as their drawn position has not been passed. Riders will have 60 seconds to enter into the alleyway and cross the eye after their name is called. Failure to start your pattern will result in a $50 fine. After 90 seconds, racers will be disqualified for that one round if they have not crossed the eye. If your horse is hard to start, please have a plan. Help, in full western attire, is allowed in the holding pen, but no person or horse is allowed past the plane of the gate into the alleyway except those that are up. You must be mounted when entering the alleyway. No dismounting in the alleyway for any reason. Failure to follow the holding pen rules will result in a fine of a minimum $50. All decisions of the Race Official will be final.

Vendor Applications, with full payment and insurance requirements, due August 15th. Click here for vendor application.

All Finals related questions need to be directly emailed to [email protected] Do not contact the facility directly. Check this page regularly for your most up to date information.



Round #1 –  Open
Round #2 –  Open
Round #3 –  Open
Open Average


Round #1 –  Open
Round #2 –  Open
Round #3 –  Open
Open Average


Round #1 –  Open
Round #2 –  Open
Open Average